5 Reasons to Brush Your Dog Regularly

We know it is important to bathe your dogs as a part of their essential care routine. But sometimes we forget that as important as it is to bathe them, it is probably even more important to brush them regularly!

I meet a lot of dogs who go from bath to bath but with very little brushing in between and to be honest, it is pretty evident. This is especially important for long-haired dogs, who require more grooming than shorter haired dogs. Regardless of the length of your dogs hair, brushing should be an integral part of the daily routine.

I know this sounds cumbersome but it is really important, I promise. I will now tell you why!

My muse for this article, Ari!

Here are 5 very good reasons for brushing your dog

Gets Rid of Loose Hair

The obvious point first. Brushing regularly helps get rid of loose hair either gets trapped in their coat or falls out. This is a problem I keep hearing from pet owners, that their dog sheds too much. Well, there is an easy solution, brush your dog everyday, if not twice a day if your dog is shedding. It will not stop the hair from falling, but it will gather the hair in the brush before it lands on your floor, carpets, sofas, and favorite black pants.

Natural Shine

Brushing your dog helps air the hair and skin out and evenly spreads out their natural oils. The more you brush, the healthier the hair will look. Over time of constant brushing, the hair itself starts getting this natural shine that is a good reflection of how healthy their hair is!


If you get your dog used to brushing from an early age (start as soon as you can), then you will come to realize that they actually enjoy it. For them it is a great time because they get your undivided attention and they are being scratched and caressed through the process of brushing. What’s not to like? You can also use this bonding moment to check through your dogs skin, hair, paws, and ears for general health or skin issues. Places that you would not generally be able to see clearly, especially on long haired dogs!


Prevents Matting

If you brush your dog regularly, especially in the case of long haired dogs, then it can prevent the hair from getting matted. Let me tell you one thing, there is only one real solution for matted hair, and that is cutting it off. Getting rid of matted hair is not easy and it is very painful for the dog (depending on how much of the hair is matted). You don’t want to do this to the one you love.

Delays Baths



I don’t know how true this is in India, especially during the more dusty days, but I have noticed that when I am regularly brushing my dogs, they do not need a bath as frequently as when I have forgotten.




Brushing ends up getting rid of quite a bit of dirt, dead skin cells, and dandruff, which would otherwise only be removed when you bathe them.

So if you are lazy like me, then brush them because it is easier than bathing them *wink wink*

I know I have already listed 5 reasons, but there is a very important 6th reason. Regular brushing makes our pretty dogs look amazing and we WANT our dogs to look amazing, don’t we? So why not put in that little bit of extra effort when we know it will lead to great results and will be great for the dogs health?

In the next blog post I will show you the brushes I use to brush my two long-haired German Shepherds. They of course require extensive brushing otherwise they shed a lot of hair, and their coat starts looking dull and lifeless.

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