5 Reasons to Brush Your Dog Regularly

We know it is important to bathe your dogs as a part of their essential care routine. But sometimes we forget that as important as it is to bathe them, it is probably even more important to brush them regularly! I meet a lot of dogs who go from bath to bath but with very […]

10 Signs of A Good Breeder

There seems to be a lot of confusion and misinformation regarding buying a dog from a breeder and how all breeders are terrible people who abuse animals. While each person is entitled to their own point of view regarding this sensitive subject, I feel that at least someone should objectively share some insights into the […]

How Often Should You Bathe Your Dog

It has been a while since I wrote because I have been a bit busy with my day job, but I am back! Even though I will go through periods of not writting, I do tend to regularly post photos and videos on our Instagram (@pup.talks) and Facebook (@puptalks) accounts, so keep checking that for […]

Double Coated Dogs and Shaving

If you are a dog owner or even a dog lover, you would have noticed the differences in fur between different breeds. Each dog breed has a different kind of coat and each coat requires a different kind of upkeep to keep the dog healthy. Broadly, dogs have a few coat types that are defined […]

7 Ways To Keep Your Dogs Cool This Summer

It is summer and a very intense one already. We guys started struggling from March onwards and its only June *puppy whine*! If we are struggling in the heat then our dogs must be going through hell. Unlike humans, dogs do not sweat and they basically end up over-heating internally. Similarly, dogs cool down from […]

They Eat Everything!

Oh my god, the excitement of having a pup in the house! It is unlike any other feeling in the world. As much as the little ball of excitement can be fun, they are going to need to be watched 24/7. Okay, that’s an ideal scenario, but yeah, they are going to get up to […]

To Pup or Not To Pup

I think it is only logical to begin my blog with the very first and obvious question most people have, to get a pet or not? There are a lot of people who really want a pet, specifically a dog (or a pup), but don’t always realize what they are getting themselves involved in. Yes, […]

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