Chicken and Tuna Biscuits by The Barkery Delhi

I am constantly on the look out for healthy, gluten-free, snacks for my boys and believe it or not, it is quite difficult. But I am on a mission and slowly I am finding some really great people who are doing wonderful things for our babies.

One such place is something I recently stumbled on called, The Barkery Delhi. They are relatively new to the market but they instantly had my attention because they make wonderful, healthy, gluten free biscuits for dogs! They have introduced 5 wonderful homemade biscuits into the market with exciting options such as Chicken, Pumpkin, Tuna, Apple Carrot, Honey Banana, and they recently launched specialized hypoallergenic treats. They also bake Birthday cakes for your pooches, Pupcakes, and Doggie Donuts! I can’t wait to try them all! So far, Leo and Ari have tried their Chicken biscuits and Tuna biscuits.

Now you may ask, why is going gluten free important?

Well for us, ever since Leo has been diagnosed with a very rare skin infection AND hypothyroid, at exactly the same time, we have had a very tough time with his diet. In September of 2016, when we were told about Leo’s condition, we were warned that we have to be very careful about his diet and we had to ensure that he be on a strict hypoallergenic, gluten free diet for the rest of his life. I quickly realized that even though putting him on a hypoallergenic diet wasn’t too difficult, I just couldn’t find good treats that were gluten free and healthy.

I personally believe that going gluten free is important for your pets as more and more pets are becoming allergic or facing skin issues with the diets they are on. So if your pooch is excessively itchy, has hair loss, skin issues, hot spots, etc., then it may be worth looking at their diet.


Chicken Biscuits : Chicken and Eggs

Tuna Biscuits : Tuna and Eggs


One thing I like about the biscuits is that they aren’t using ‘chicken parts’. You must have read this as the primary source of chicken in most dog foods and treats and that basically means that any part that is on the chicken can be used, including the beak and feet. The Barkery uses only chicken breasts that are great for dogs!


They use canned tuna chunks, which are a good healthy treat for dogs too!


I received the boxes promptly and each box was clearly labeled with exactly what kind of biscuits were inside. They were very cute and well packaged. On opening the boxes, to my pleasant surprise, I found that the biscuits weren’t all lumped together inside, they were very cutely wrapped in sets of two! The effort that has been put in to even package these biscuits is quite commendable! I love that they were wrapped in smaller numbers because this way the rest of the biscuits can stay fresh while I only feed them the ones that I opened.

The only thing I would recommend is that they should list their ingredients and quantity on the box itself so that there is complete information available on the box itself.

But this aside, I do give them a neat 4.5 out of 5 for their packaging!

Pup Verdict

I am always worried about Ari liking new food than Leo. Even though Leo has all the health problems, he will pretty much eat anything. Except, broccoli. I tried that, he just spat it out. Over the past year, Ari has turned a bit fussy and unsure of new foods to the point where he may not even try it before he decides whether he likes it or not. So I gave him the Chicken biscuit and waited patiently while he inspected it for about 5 mins with his occasional licks, sniffs, nibbles. And then voila, he ate it!

The second biscuit was the Tuna biscuit and to my surprise, he sniffed it once and pretty much gobbled it up. He loved it! He kept poking his nose in the box to find more. So for Ari, the Tuna was a his favorite over the chicken. Leo loved both!

Pup Treat Information

The MRP is listed as Rs. 200 for a box of biscuits. Their Hypoallergenic ones are for Rs. 250 a box.

The boxes I got contained 10 biscuits per box

Where Can The Pup Find It

Right now you can order their lovely biscuits from their social media handles (links below) or by simply calling/emailing them. They deliver all over India!

I believe they are in the process of building their website and that should make things more convenient, but until then, do contact them on Facebook or Instagram!


Instagram :

Call them at : +91 98187 41459

Or email them at : [email protected]

My Verdict


  • Healthy, natural, no preservatives
  • Love the cute separately wrapped biscuits
  • Gluten free
  • My boys absolutely love them
  • They use good, healthy, clean ingredients
  • Price is pretty reasonable for homemade gluten free treats


  • They do not list their ingredients on their box, but this isn’t really a con. Just something I prefer

More about The Barkery

Nishna Varma whose passion for dogs clearly shows, started The Barkery in 2017. She started baking these lovely treats for her own babies at home, one of whom is allergic to wheat and the other is a fussy eater. I can empathize because I pretty much have the same problem at home, Ari can be quite a fuss pot. Nishna explained that she always wanted to do something for dogs and she found her passion in baking these natural and healthy goodies for her own babies. She wanted to make ingredient rich treats that contain no preservatives and were gluten free so that all dogs can enjoy the treats without any fear.


If you love your pooch, and love pampering them, there is nothing better you can get them than natural, homemade, gluten-free, little nuggets of love. And the love clearly shows in their biscuits. They are simple, tasty (Ari and Leo can testify to the same), cutely packaged, and overall a great treat to give.

Pup Rating



4 / 5 Paws! 


*For more information you can connect with The Barkery through:


Instagram :

Call them at : +91 98187 41459

Or email them at : [email protected]

**This review is honest and genuine. All opinions are my own and I would love to answer any questions in case you wish to know more about any of my experiences.
***This is a PR sample


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