Chicken Liver with Turmeric Treats by Heads Up For Tails

I had signed up for the November 2017 WagBox by Heads Up For Tails after a lot of thought and mostly taking a leap of faith, as the cost of the box was a bit overwhelming. I bought the one priced at at 2499/- with a written note to them informing them that my boys are hardcore non-vegetarians and love bigger toys that they can’t destroy in 2 seconds. Well, I have 2 GSDs and as you know, they are big boys. So small toys just don’t work for us.

One of the items I received in the WagBox was a packet with natural Chicken Liver and Turmeric treats! I was so excited on seeing that packet because I know Chicken Liver is very healthy for dogs and Turmeric has so many natural medicinal properties that together they make a dynamite combination. Just to let you know, I am already on my second packet because I simply had to re-buy the treats for my boys. They absolutely loved them!

The packet itself has nice and simple paper packaging that has a ziplock top so that the freshness is maintained even after you open it. I am a big fan of ziplock tops because it saves me the hassle of finding an airtight sealed jar to transfer the treats to.

Now lets come to the break down of these treats.



Chicken Liver and Turmeric. That’s it!

Chicken Liver

As someone who has never eaten liver (of any animal) it never struck me that I should feed liver to my boys. Until about a year ago, I strictly stayed away from all the icky animal parts when feeding them. Then Leo got diagnosed with a series of problems that resulted in him being put on a hypoallergenic, gluten-free diet, with all sorts of medicines to help boost his immunity, as his haemoglobin was dangerously low. My mother instantly came up with a natural ‘desi nuska’ to start Leo on chicken liver. Chicken liver is far more nutritious than the muscle and fat, it also has high doses of vitamin A, Iron, different B Vitamins, proteins, and fatty acids that are essential for your dog to stay healthy. But be careful to not overfeed your dog liver.


Turmeric contains curcumin, which has antibacterial, antifungal, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties. All of these are good for your dog. But do keep an eye out for allergies or reactions as the curcumin in turmeric can be hard to digest by some dogs.

Pup Verdict

No matter how unappealing chicken liver is to me, on literally one sniff my boys went nuts. Leo nearly ate my fingers along with the treat, and Ari’s eyes opened super wide and he did not go through his normal “15 minutes of checking the new food” routine before he ate it. In short, he pretty much gulped his down and then looked at me for more.

If that isn’t a good verdict, I don’t know what is. There is something about the smell of these treats that instantly got both their attention. They absolutely love love love it.



Pup Treat Information

The MRP is listed as Rs. 315 for a 80 gms packet.

Where Can The Pup Find It

For some reason I am unable to find the packet online on their website. It is however available as a part of a package that includes one packet of the Chicken Liver treats and one packet of the Banana and Carrot treats. This combo is selling for Rs. 599/-

Link: Combo Chicken Liver & Banana and Carrot

If you want to buy the packet separately, I would recommend contacting them and getting more information about its availability. I do remember that the last repeat purchase I had made was at their store in Mall Of India, Noida.

My Verdict


  • Healthy, natural, no preservatives
  • Love the resealable, ziplock, pouches for easy sealing
  • Love that my boys absolutely go mad for these treats
  • They are cut into small pieces so that I can give my boys a little at a time
  • Its actually nutritious for them
  • The price point is pretty reasonable


  • I am not sure why the website is not stocking this independently but I really wish it would


If you want to start giving your pooch chicken liver but do not want to deal with making it at home, then this is the best thing to buy. Chicken liver is a very very healthy treat for your dogs and a little goes a long way in keeping their immunity up, and ageing away. It is a better to give them a natural supplement like this now and keep them healthy for longer.

I absolutely loved these treats for their simplicity and health benefits, not to mention that my boys start drooling as soon as I touch the packet. They just seem to know that this is the packet that has yummy goodies inside.

Pup Rating



4 / 5 Paws! 

Heads Up For Tails Website :

*For more information you can check out their website

**This review is honest and genuine. All opinions are my own and I would love to answer any questions in case you wish to know more about any of my experiences.

***This is not a PR sample

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