Doggie Dabbas Chicken and Fish Jerky

For the past 5 years (Leo is 5 now), I have been struggling to find good natural treats for my boys. Every pet shop I went to had a variety of rawhide treats, which I will never ever feed to my boys, and then these international treats that you aren’t a 100% sure are natural and are anyway so expensive that you really cannot buy too many in a month.

This had become a real problem for me, especially about a year ago when we found out that Leo had gotten some horrible strain of an infection that meant he had to be on hypoallergenic, gluten-free, food and treats. Aside from some homemade treats, we were really struggling to find something for him in the market.

One day, I found out that Doggie Dabbas was now doing some treats along with their customized and special menu of homemade food for our dogs. I had heard many many good things about their homemade food and wanted to find out more about their treats as well.

I checked out their Chicken Jerky, the first thing that caught my eye was that they were completely natural and were made with real chicken, Similar to the Chicken Jerky, they have recently added to their menu a Fish Ferky, Blueberry Chicken Jerky, and Cranberry Chicken Jerky. I picked up both their Chicken and Fish Jerky.

So lets come to the break down of these treats.


For Chicken Jerky : CHICKEN

For Fish Ferky : FISH

Oh, you were waiting for more? Sorry! But there is no other ingredient in this packet! Their own description clearly states that they are, proudly,  a “One Ingredient” product! The packaging and website also says that their Chicken Jerky and Fish Ferky has “zero carbohydrates” and is “preservative free”! What more (or should I say LESS) can you want from your dog treats?

Pup Verdict

I don’t know how they knew, but both Leo and Ari were very excited and almost KNEW what was inside the packet the second I took it out of the shipping box. Leo is a die-hard foodie, so I can understand that he heard a packet wrinkle, but even Ari, who is not food driven, came and instantly sat to attention right next to me. Ari is a very polite begger, he just sits and stares at you.

I gave them half a stick each just to check their reactions and Leo took one tiny sniff and literally swallowed the Jerky whole. Ari took a few extra sniffs and decided it was good enough to meet his very high standards and proceeded to politely munch on his treat after taking it to his bed.

How I know that they both loved it, is simple, Leo basically followed any command I gave him in a complete hurry just to get paws his on this Jerky. He would have put in a load of laundry for me had I asked. And Ari, actually dropped his ball and stared at the packet until I gave him a treat. In Ari’s world, dropping the ball means he is dead serious.



Pup Treat Information

Chicken Jerky (100 gms) – The MRP is listed as Rs. 315 for a 100 gms packet. But if you look through Amazon you may just end up finding some deals. For eg. I bought my packet at about 293/- from Amazon and I am not sure how or why. But, oh well!

Fish Jerky (50 gms) – The MRP is listed ar Rs. 420 for a 50gms packet. This also I bought on Amazon.

Where Can The Pup Find It

There are multiple places where you can buy these yummy treats from. I bought both the Fish Ferky and Chicken Jerky from Amazon.

Fish Ferky – Amazon India    |     Heads Up For Tails

Chicken Jerky – Amazon India    |    Heads Up For Tails

My Verdict


  • Healthy, natural, no preservatives
  • Love the resealable, ziplock, pouches for easy sealing
  • Love that my boys absolutely go mad for these treats
  • Easy availability


  • I wish they would start selling on their own website. I am just one of those people who are more comfortable buying from the brand’s own website as I get to see their entire range in one place, plus I find it more comforting.
  • The price of Fish Ferky. I personally feel that Rs. 420 for 50 gms is a little steep. For 100 gms though, I wouldn’t have minded so much.


I truly believe that we need to be more aware and better educated on what we give to our pets as we are with our children. Their health is also directly linked to their activity levels and nutrition, as is ours. So all labels should be read, understood, and googled. I do love the fact that these treats are “one ingredient” only and that ingredient is of good quality. I can confidently say that Doggie Dabbas at least has one customer for life.

Pup Rating



4 / 5 Paws! 

Doggie Dabbas website :


*For more information you can check out their website

**This review is honest and genuine. All opinions are my own and I would love to answer any questions in case you wish to know more about any of my experiences.

***This is not a PR sample

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