Dolphin Squeeze Toy Review

I found this green little thing in a dog store, Windsor, Khan Market and really found it a bit funny looking. Yes, I must admit that that was largely the reason I picked it up cause it looked silly and was green like slime. On touching, it felt sturdy and a bit harder than the average squeaky toys so I figured that maybe it will be just hard enough for 2 German Shepherds to chew on and not break in 10 seconds. This has a very plastic kind of material so I knew that Leo wouldn’t really like it, he has never liked plastic smelling toys but maybe Ari would (hopefully). I do have a tendency of buying many things for my picky boys that do go waste. This is why I picked the smaller toy because it was cheaper and therefore a good way to test if they like it before I spent double the money on the larger option that would sit as a very strange display piece on my shelf.


Similar to this dolphin, there were a few other options of a big log, little log, and I think another funny looking animal all in different sizes. This can apparently be given to cats to play with as well. Since I don’t have a cat, I don’t know how much this would work for them.

Pup Uses

This turned out to be a pretty neat toy. I was a little worried about the whole squeaky thing as I personally do not like squeaky toys, but since the outer material is a little harder and my dogs are more interested in chasing and catching it than chewing on it, they didn’t manage to annoy me too much. The material it is made of actually has a bounce to it so when you throw it, it jumps around kind of like a ‘crazy ball’!

Pup Impression

Ari and Leo both had different reactions (of course). Leo was really not interested in the toy initially whereas Ari loved it from day 1. Ari, untiringly, kept running after it. It instantly became his favorite toy. Since Ari is not an aggressive chewer, he also managed to not damage it in the least. But one day Leo decided he wanted it and when I had gone to get ready for bed, he managed to chew it up so bad that the paw was left in tiny pieces on the floor. In just 10 minutes! Now, Leo is an aggressive chewer and he enjoys ripping things up in shreds. Mostly he doesn’t eat the pieces but a pup or a different dog might swallow the pieces and that is a problem. As I always say, never leave dogs unsupervised with any toy as they can be choking hazards. Long story short, the toy was confiscated after that as I don’t want him eating any of the plastic bits. For the many months that Ari had the toy, he had a great time with it and that makes a toy a hit for me.

Pup Verdict

It has been approved by the pups and is now being “pup certified”. If you don’t have a dog that chews aggressively, then this is a fun little toy to have. The random bouncing keeps the dog entertained and makes the toy more fun to catch. I can’t wait to buy the many different shapes and sizes now for Ari to play with.

Where Can The Pup Find It

I bought this from Windsor, Khan Market, New Delhi. But it is also available on Amazon India. I don’t remember what price I bought it for at Windsor so I can’t give you a price comparison.

Pup Warning

Please do not leave your dog unattended with food or toy that can make for a choking hazard. Even adult dogs can accidently swallow something they aren’t supposed to and that can hurt them.

Pup Rating


3.5 / 5 Paws! 




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