Getting your Furry Friend – Breeders vs. Adopting

When you are ready to get a pup or an adult dog, where should you go to actually get them? So I am here to clarify these three routes that you would typically use to finally get your furry friend. You would have heard the slogan “Adopt don’t shop” many times before, and well that would actually be the best route. Lets start there.


There are many many abandoned dogs at various shelters or at independent rescue houses that are up for adoption (for free!). And yes, there are many pure bred dogs available and you are sure to find your perfect paw-tner (cheesy, I know) while doing something life changing for that animal. By the way, do not look down on the indie breeds, they are really amazing pets (more on that another time). Adopting gives the dog a chance to find a home and re-write their life, and the kind of happiness you get from having brought them home, is unbelievable. I adopted my GSD from the shelter too. So when you are interested in looking for a pet, try the shelters first.

Registered Breeders

If you have a specific breed in mind and are not able to find your paw-tner in the shelter, then go for a registered breeder. A registered breeder is actually certified by an authority, in India, that would be the KCI (Kennel Club of India). There are quite a few reasons why you should go for registered breeders and not sites like (OLX etc.), such as:

  • They treat the dogs ethically and with a lot of care and not as breeding machines.
  • They understand lineage and only breed pairs that do not show signs of genetic problems, have the right temperament, and even care for the pups the right way before giving them away. The pups are properly weaned and socialized before they are ready to be adopted (yes, this matters).
  • They will generally not give you a pup that is under 8 weeks old (or 2 months) because it is unhealthy for the pup to be taken away before that.

Unregistered Breeders or Backyard Breeders

A backyard breeder (BYB) is termed because essentially they breed animals anywhere with no proper accommodation or care with the sole purpose or earning money. There are many BYBs that keep many females and males (sometimes 4-6 at once) confined in one bedroom and breed them repeatedly until they can yield no more pups. The mothers are not fed healthy nutritional food, she and the pups live in filth, and once she cannot have any more pups, generally she is tossed on the road until she dies or a shelter takes her in. Do not encourage these BYBs by buying from them, even if the cost is cheaper. Aside from promoting mistreatment of animals, you are also getting a pup with no idea about their genetic problems, temperament issues (due to genes or mistreatment post birth), or other issues that develop due to early weaning from the mother and lack of socialization. In order to sell the pups off faster they encourage sales of even 3-week-old pups (they may look cute, but believe me they are not supposed to be away from the mother and litter at that age!).

When you do decide, do first try adopting through a shelter

There is no better feeling than giving a home to one who lost theirs

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