Handmade Biscuits from Lulu & Daisy, Mumbai

We all want whats best for our pooches and we are so particular about what food we give them and spend so much money buying them the best. We also spend so much money to find them the right toys and beds. But sometimes we aren’t so particular about what treats we feed them. It took me a bit to realize this as well and that too only when Leo fell so ill and was put on a gluten-free diet to realize that I need to be careful about their treats too!

As I have always mentioned, I am always on the look out for some amazing homemade natural treats that my boys will love. And as luck would have it, I found someone who has converted her passion of baking for humans, to baking for dogs! And thus was born Lulu & Daisy treats!

I recently got my hands on Lulu & Daisy’s Chicken Livery biscuits and Peanut Butter biscuits and I have entirely fallen in love with them! All their biscuits are made to order, which means, no old stock, no preservatives, only fresh wholesome goodness in each biscuit.


Chicken Liver Biscuits : Oats, Eggs, Coconut Oil, and Chicken Liver.

Oats are a very healthy carbohydrate for dogs, especially in case they are allergic, or just sensitive, to wheat and other grains. They are also high in fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. But if your dog is allergic/sensitive to gluten then make sure you buy your oats from a trusted company because sometimes they can be contaminated with grains like wheat due to being grown on the same land.

We have all been hearing about the wonderful benefits of coconut oil and its all true. Regularly giving small amounts of Coconut oil to your dog can help improve their skin, the health of their coat, fitness, digestion, and more.

Fresh Chicken Liver is used which is so healthy for dogs. Chicken liver is far more nutritious than the muscle and fat, it also has high doses of vitamin A, Iron, different B Vitamins, proteins, and fatty acids that are essential for your dog to stay healthy and happy. And as a plus point, dogs absolutely love liver.

And we all know that eggs are very healthy for us and dogs alike.

Peanut Butter Biscuits : Oats, Eggs, Coconut Oil, and Peanut Butter.


I am a huge fan of re-sealable ziplock bags because the treats actually last longer (specially with summer here). And Lulu & Daisy treats come in these beautiful and easy to handle re-sealable bags that I keep in the fridge (to help them last longer) and stay fresh.

Pup Verdict

Leo absolutely loves both peanut butter and liver and needless to say, he gobbled it as soon as I took it out the packet! I nearly lost a few fingers, mind you. I also think Leo could smell these wonderful ingredients as soon as I opened the packet and couldn’t wait to pounce the second I took it out! Ari is a little picky by nature, but he absolutely cannot resist any liver treats. I don’t blame him. The biscuits looked so good that I was debating eating one of the peanut butter ones myself. I also love peanut butter!

Pup Treat Information

The price for these treats are as follows:

Mumbai: Rs 199/100 gms

Dubai: AED 40/100 gms

And these are the options available to order:

Mumbai: Chicken Liver, Peanut Butter, Carrot, and Beetroot biscuits

Dubai: Chicken Liver and Peanut Butte biscuits

Where Can The Pup Find It

Lulu & Daisy treats are currently available only on order through their social media pages and by calling them. They are right now only available for pick up in Mumbai and for delivery/pickup in Dubai.



Call them at : Mumbai +91 96196 86860   |    Dubai WhatsApp +971 56 1388 256

My Verdict


  • They are freshly baked
  • Healthy, natural, no preservatives
  • Love resealable bags
  • Love the different options of biscuits
  • My boys absolutely love them
  • They use good, healthy, clean ingredients
  • Reasonable price point


  • They aren’t delivering all over India yet, but I can’t wait!

More about Lulu & Daisy Treats

One thing I absolutely love about Lulu & Daisy treats is their story. These wonderful treats came into being thanks to Malika-Rahat Khan, who is a Cordon Bleu-trained chef, and runs her own patisserie called Sugar Rush in Mumbai. This means that every little biscuit I feed my boys is handmade by one of the best. Someone who actually understands ingredients and can make sure that they are healthy and so yummy that your pooches will always want more! They, like me and many other pet-parents, realized after rescuing two dogs and a cat, that there was a need for healthy, high-quality, clean food as treats. Malika says, “The ingredients used in all the treats are human-grade, although the treats are not for human consumption as they contain egg-shells – great for dogs but not quite as palatable for humans!” and that each treat is “Made from only four ingredients, Lulu & Daisy Treats are a super healthy snack for puppies and dogs.”

I am sold on these treats for life and will be happy every time I feed these to my dogs as I know how simple yet amazing these little biscuits are for them.


*For more information you can connect with Lulu & Daisy Treats through: 

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/LuluAndDaisy/

Instagram :  https://www.instagram.com/luluanddaisytreats/

Call them at : +91 96196 86860 (Mumbai) and WhatsApp +971 56 1388 256 (for Dubai)





**This review is honest and genuine. All opinions are my own and I would love to answer any questions in case you wish to know more about any of my experiences.
***This is a PR sample


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