Kong Wobbler Review

The Wobbler makes for a great toy to keep your pup engaged for a bit. As the name suggests, the wobbler wobbles! It has a weighted base that helps keep it wobbling and a screw top that unscrews so that you can place food bits inside. The idea is that your pooch knocks it over and when it falls just the right way, a few bits of food fall out. That keeps the motivation going to keep pushing at the wobbler and keep themselves entertained for a while.
The good thing about the Kong Wobbler is that you can use it as a treat dispenser and a way to slow down a fast eater. This way they have to work for their reward and are forced to eat slower.

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You get two different size options of the Kong wobbler, Small and Large. The small one fits about ½ a cup of food and the large one fits 1 cup of food. For small sized dogs and pups, go for the smaller one, and for medium to large dogs go for the large size.

Pup Treat

I generally put pieces of their kibble inside or you can find smaller treat pellets that you can use. You can also cut up pieces of sausage or chicken and mix it up with the kibble inside to keep the food interesting enough for the pooch.

Pup Impression

At first my dog (then a puppy) couldn’t figure out what it was, so I just bumped it to make it drop a few pellets of food, and voila (!), they got the concept. I noticed it was better to place the Wobbler on the floor instead of the carpet. It wobbles a lot better and well, the food doesn’t dirty the carpet.

Pup Verdict

So it started with a fair bit of excitement. But I did notice that it doesn’t keep them as engaged as I wanted. But the beauty of the Kong Wobbler is that it doesn’t have to used as a toy per-se! You can use it to slow down fast eaters, or just make your dog work for their food, which keeps them mentally active and gives them a sense of working, so they realize they have to work for their food. A lot of us might find that thought a bit strange, but honestly, it works in the dog world. Making a dog work for their meals is NOT a bad thing and in fact is recommended by some of the best trainers around the world. So try it!

Where Can The Pup Find It

When I bought my Kong Wobbler (the large size), I just could not source it in India. So I ordered mine from the US. But now I see it most of the better pet shops. On my last visit though, I saw it in Windsor, Khan Market, in New Delhi (you can find quite a few good things here!). I remember seeing the smaller size, but I am sure they have the large size as well or they can just order it for you if you ask nicely. They are pretty well stocked with international toys and treats. In case you don’t want to make a trip to the stores then you can simply order it from the Amazon India site, here is the link: Kong Wobbler

Pup Warning

Before giving your pup/dog this toy, make sure they are able to eat solid food so please avoid giving this to any young pup that is under 2 months of age to be safe. Also make sure you clean it and dry it before you allow your pup to play with it and clean it after every use, you DO NOT want to leave the food in their because you WILL get maggots, if not other gross creatures. Yes, I learnt this the hard way when I forgot once. Another small precaution that I like mentioning regularly, please do not leave your dog unattended with anything they can swallow and can make for a choking hazard.


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