Paw Spaw by Puppychino Cafe, Shahpur Jat

I have been searching for a place to take Leo and Ari for their regular grooming sessions and have actually tried quite a few places that I heard about or found while searching.
I have two problems that I need to consider when looking for a groomer for my boys:

  1. I live in Noida so they cannot be too far away from me. It is really difficult to travel to Gurgaon with my two boys in an I-20. And they get acutely uncomfortable with long drives.
  2. They absolutely MUST cater to big dogs

My first problem is easily understood, not all dogs are built for long drives. Also, most drives from Noida are about 40 mins each way (1.5 hours to Gurgaon), plus another 2-3 hours at the groomers. All told that is about approximate 4.5 hours, a very long day for most dogs that do not like long drives nor getting groomed.

My second problem is actually something that I didn’t think would be a problem. Every time I have spoken to a groomer on the phone, and I always do before I decide to book an appointment, I ask them directly, “Do you groom large dogs?” I always get a positive answer with them even giving examples of Labradors/Retrievers. I tell them that my boys are actually bigger than most common labs and “they do not like being groomed”, which means you have a 50 kg dog who is not cooperating! Yet again, they reassure me. So of course I land up there with my boys only to find out that they may have groomed bigger dogs but they have no facilities to be grooming big dogs!

Their tables are small and not bolted to the wall (don’t even get me started on how scary that is). At one place, the metal table fell while they were trying to get my dog off, and it sliced the back of my dad’s foot. He was lucky it didn’t break his bone or tear his ligament. He did require a tetanus shot and a hospital visit. So now I have this crazy fear of these metal table falling and the choke chain they have my dog on strangling him. Okay, I know I need to calm down but to be honest, most of these groomers have no clue what they are doing and how they should be doing it.

Now that I have made my point, I was again in this situation where I couldn’t figure out where to take Ari for his regular grooming. Coincidently, I came across a post by my favorite place, Puppychino announcing that they have launched their own dog spa right NEXT to their Shahpur Jat café! I couldn’t be happier! After having visited Puppychino multiple times and spoken to the owner, Naini, many times I just knew that she would ensure that they had a top-notch facility. So I booked an appointment and landed up there, without even seeing any photo of what their spa looked like.

As soon as we walked in I was so relieved because their place was super clean and made for big dogs! Yey! The entire inside was huge compared to some of the other groomers I have been to, and their wash area was made entire of solid cement covered in tile. This meant no metal tub, no metal unhinged table that would fall, no choke chain strangling my dog! I just knew I made the right decision when I walked in.

My Experience:

The groomer who was assigned to Ari was very professional and very gentle with my super whiny dog. 
Ari was completely

uncooperative and the groomer kept talking to Ari trying to calm him, it was very sweet. He got me to check the water temperature before he wet Ari. Then of course he asked me politely to leave because Ari was behaving worse with me around. And you know what, in just that short interaction I trusted him enough to know that he would do a good job.

The owner, Naini, herself kept checking up on the grooming, which allowed me to settle in comfortably at the adjoining cafe to enjoy my lunch and get some work done. Because their cafe is right next-door, you can actually relax, eat some amazing food (I am a big fan of their Peanut Butter Shake and their Non Veg Lasagna!) and even play with the other pooches!

When Ari was done he joined me in the cafe and got to relax a bit while we finished eating. He even made a very cute girl friend who was supposedly scared of dogs but seemed to like Ari.



If you’re looking to get your baby groomed anytime soon and live anywhere close to South Delhi, don’t even think twice. Go here. I can’t recom

mend this place enough and really applaud Puppychino Cafe for doing such a commendable job first with their cafe then with this puppy spa.

They are soon opening their Grooming salon called Paw Spaw in Janakpuri as well!

This place gets Leo & Ari’s stamp of approval 

5 on 5 paws!

PS: We bought this ball from their store as a reward for Ari

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