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I know that like me, you must love your dog/s very very much. How can you not?? So, I know that like me you also must be spoiling them with tons of toys and treats! I just can NOT resist buying them something or the other if I cross a pet store when I am walking around some market. I also have zero impulse control if I chance up on a good website selling anything doggie related!

And the biggest thing I just cannot say no to is getting them the best treats I can find! For good doggies, you need good treats. Simple.

Quite some time ago, I stopped buying a lot of these commonly available treats like packets of those unbranded milk biscuits, treat packets by Pedigree (sorry, but every research I have ever done on pedigree ensures that I will never be giving my dogs anything by that brand), or the abundantly available rawhide bones (never give you dog this! More on this in another blog post).

I am now extremely picky about what I feed my boys, even their treats, because not all treats are made with love and good ingredients. The commonly available (and cheaper) ones are usually made using the worst ingredients and are loaded with chemicals and preservatives! I always follow a simple approach when it comes to selecting any dog treats, if I don’t know the ingredient or if I wouldn’t eat it, then how can I feed it to my dog? Even if you personally don’t eat chicken, you do know that humans consume it, so therefore it is safe for your dog. This works 9/10 times for me.

With Leo and Ari, I am always critical of what kind of treats I give them and most of them end up missing my extremely high standards. But then on occasion I come across brands like Clever Canine who I know I can trust! 



Pup Treat Information

Chicken Liver Biscuits

A cute small sized biscuit that makes for a quick treat. The packet has quite a few biscuits and according to the packaging it weighs about 200 gms

Chicken Liver, Olive Oil, and Whole Wheat Flour  | They are for Rs. 310

Milk Bones :

There are 9 biscuits in the packet I received even though their website says 10-12 biscuits per packet. The biscuits should weigh about 200 gms total (I have not verified this as I have faith in the brands I write about). I quite like the size of each biscuit though, its good for large breed dogs like my boys and of course you can break it in half for smaller dogs.

Milk, Eggs, and Whole Wheat Flour  | The cost is also Rs. 310




When I received the delivery, I opened the box to find these two beautiful packets inside with a ton of newspaper stuffing (which is a great way to reuse old newspapers) and a little notecard.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that each packet was actually a pretty reasonable size! The liver treats have a good number of biscuits and I think they are a good size. About bite sized for my huge dogs but good enough to give even 2-3 at a time. Obviously, my boys have to follow some command or the other before they get these beauties.

I have been seeing the ziplock packaging quite a bit now (and I am very grateful for it), but what drew me to this packaging was their see-through packets! I like seeing the biscuits directly and know how much is left without opening the packet. Also, isn’t it lovely?

They also list all information on their packet which saves you the trouble of searching around for it.

I do give them a neat 4.5 out of 5 for their packaging!


Pup Verdict

As soon as I shook the packet I had two noses poking it and generating quite a bit of drool. I opened the liver treats packet first because I knew they were going to love that! And I was right! As soon as I had the biscuit in my hand, Leo did everything he could think of to get me to give it to him and once I was ready to give it to him, he nearly took my fingers with the biscuit. Kidding. He’s just not very patient when taking treats. Ari did his usual routine of sniffing, licking, thinking about it, and then he gently took the treat, lay down, and proceeded to relish it. He’s truly my gentle baby in this regard. For a non food motivated dog, he really did seem to enjoy the biscuits! I gave a Milk Bone to Ari and he seemed to like that too but I could tell he preferred the Liver biscuits. I haven’t been able to give Leo the Milk Bones just yet because he seems to be having a sensitive tummy right now plus some of his underlying health issues have increased due to the monsoons (it breaks my heart to see him this way). But I hope he will be okay soon and I will be able to give him these lovely bones!




They have many yummy treat options available on their website and you can always contact them for any information you require. I asked Yamika Damani, the founder of Clever Canine, a few questions about her products and options and this is what she had to say.

“We have a whole range of dog biscuits (gluten free and wheat based), frosty treats (probiotic, sugar free frozen popsicles for dogs), and finally we also offer celebration cakes and pupcakes. Frosty treats are available at Cessna Lifeline and Pet Project stores in Bangalore and at Bangalore’s pet friendly cafes and restaurants such as Toit, Permit Room, Spoonful of Sugar, Teal Door Cafe.

The Dog biscuits can be purchased on our online store and we deliver pan-India. They are also available at Poochmate Spa Delhi.

Dog cakes and pupcakes are made to order for Bangalore customers only.”

Where Can The Pup Find It

As Yamika had mentioned, the biscuits and treats can be ordered online on their website (link below), and if you happen to stay in Bangalore then there are quite a few places where you can go to get fresh frosty treats such as Cessna Lifeline, Pet Project stores, Toit, Permit Room, Spoonful of Sugar, & Teal Door Cafe.

According to their website, you can order even the Frosty Popsicles on their website! I think I know what my next order is going to be!

You should definitely follow them on Instagram and Facebook to find out their lovely treats and anything exciting that they are up to!



Instagram :

Call them at : +91 91 13583474

Or email them at : [email protected]

My Verdict


  • They do not use any preservatives
  • Natural biscuits using good healthy ingredients
  • Good quantity
  • Biscuits are sized appropriately
  • Human grade ingredients
  • Price is pretty reasonable for this quantity


  • I am actually pretty happy with the overall quality and quantity of the biscuits I received. Don’t really have anything to say!


I do like that they have a website because lets face it, it does makes things a lot easier when it comes to ordering. There are some glitches in the website, but I am sure they are working on it! Overall, I love the amount of the biscuits that come in the packet. I am quite excited to try some of the other options that are there on their website especially the Frosty treats and the gluten free biscuits. And when I say “I’m excited” I mean my dogs. Though I must admit that some times their treats really do look quite good!

Pup Rating


4.5 / 5 Paws! 



*For more information you can connect with Clever Canine through:



Instagram :

Call them at : +91 91 13583474

Or email them at : [email protected]

**This review is honest and genuine. All opinions are my own and I would love to answer any questions in case you wish to know more about any of my experiences.
***This is a PR sample
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