Top 5 Toys for Pups (above 2 months of age)

I will list out some toys that have worked well for my dogs. A lot of the toys I mention on this list I came across after trying a lot of other toys that did not work. Each pup is choosy about what they like and sometimes there is a certain smell that turns them off, or a certain texture, or even a color (kidding). So just because these worked for us doesn’t mean they will for you, and just because some other toy didn’t work for us doesn’t mean it won’t for you. This list is more to give an idea about what kind of toys to look out for.

Oh and one more thing, if any toy breaks or is over chewed, then its time to throw it otherwise the loose parts will become a choking hazard.

Lets start with toys you can get in India:

Kong Classic

One of the best chew toys as I have found! It is durable and able to withstand my GSD’s chewing. You have to make sure to get the right size and strength for your dog though, otherwise it will either be too big leading to disinterest or too weak leading to the toy breaking. There are two ways to entertain your dog with the kong toy, one is to throw it in the garden or open area to keep your dog running after it and its random directions. Two, put a treat like a biscuit or peanut butter inside it to keep your dog captivated for a while. This is a good toy to use when you need your dog to calm down and sit peacefully for a bit. You can buy this on Amazon – Kong Classic

Kong Wobbler

The Wobbler makes for a great toy to keep your pup engaged for a bit. As long as your pup is able to eat solid food bits (which is safe at 2 months+) then this would work. The Wobbler has a heavy base and the top twists off so you can put small treats inside. Once you screw the lid back on the toy does what it’s named after, wobbles! Just tip it over once to show your pup that treats come out and leave the rest to them. They will entertain themselves happily. Just don’t over feed them! Also, this comes in sizes as well, so get the smaller one for pups and as they grow older, the larger size.

For a more detailed review by me check the blog post Kong Wobbler Review By Pup Talks

You can buy it on Amazon: Kong Wobbler

Rope toys

Ropes are great toys for pups because they love playing tug, they love chewing, and its good for their puppy teeth. I had a regular rope toy and a rope knitted teddy bear for my pups.

You can get these toys here Knotty Teddy Bear and Rope Chew

Toys you can get abroad, specifically the U.S.:

Long Rope

I have had some difficulty finding a good quality, long length rope for my GSD’s. Since they really get into the game of pulling, I need a longer rope, otherwise its all fingers and teeth, not a good combination. To be honest, I have not checked recently, but around 3 years ago I could not find anything. So I ordered this from the US. They had these dental floss ropes as well that help the pooches clean their teeth while you play. Yes, I have noticed that it does work. Ropes are amazing. I bought one like this: Long Rope and its still holding strong, by the way.

Now, one of my all time favorites, the Flirt Pole!

Flirt Pole

This is essentially a long stick, with a long cord, that has a toy attached to the end of the cord. It is one of the best ways to exhaust your pup from their seemingly endless energy. A tired puppy is a happy and healthy pup, also one that gets up to less mischief. You move the pole around to make the pup chase the toy and you can do this for as long as it takes without you having to run around as well. The only caveat to this is that you should only use this outdoors like on the grass or earth or on a carpet because the dog is going to chase the toy and needs grip to avoid hurting themselves. As a rule of thumb, you should carpet your house as much as possible because the walking and running on tile/wood takes a toll later on. I bought this one for my babies Flirt pole

Hope this list helps; there are of course many many more toys like the standard tennis ball! You now even get these difficult to destroy balls that last longer than your average tennis ball and are preferable because pups chew and eat everything. So be careful. And any play or eating time should be monitored to make sure they don’t eat something they’re not supposed to or don’t choke by accident.

Have fun! 

Note: I will be doing independent reviews on each of these products so you can get more information that way!

(All the images I have used belong to the rightful owners)

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